What the federal election result means for the property market

The results are in and to the surprise of many, Scott Morrison has led the Coalition to win this year’s Federal election. And this means our housing markets are likely to pick up by the end of the year. The stability of government and the fact that there are no changes to negative gearing or Capital.

What The US Presidential Election Means For The Real Estate Market By Davis Porter , September 22, 2016 According to recent polls , the clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is set to be brutal, with Americans gearing up for what is expected to be one of the most hotly contested presidential elections in the history of the country.

Contrasting American National BankShares (NASDAQ:AMNB) & SouthCrest Financial Group (NASDAQ:SCSG) Advisors Asset Management Inc. lifted its stake in shares of iShares US & Intl High Yield Corp Bond ETF (BATS:GHYG) by 25.3% during the 1st quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The fund owned 4,192 shares of the company’s stock after buying an additional 846 [.]The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability. by Kevin Maalizadeh · June 3, 2019. Share. You may also like. 3 graphs that Show What You Need to Know About Today’s real estate market. april 4, 2019. When Is a Good Time to Rent – Not Now! June 12, 2018.

Mercedes Stephenson: Climate change and the environment are set to be front and centre in the upcoming federal election.

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With the 2019 Federal election done and dusted and in our. time to analyse what the Coalition's win means for the Australian property market.

A shorter, shallower property price downturn could be on the cards on the back of the Coalition’s victory at the polls, experts say. But the long-term prospects for first-home buyers are less.

However, just two years on, and the strong likelihood of a Tory win in the snap election is good news for the property sector. Continuity is always good for the property market, because it means there’s no great shake up expected.

If I were a cynical person I might begin to wonder whether President Trump isn’t hedging his bets a bit on the 2020 election.

What will the General Election 2017 mean for House Prices? Since Theresa May announced the snap General Election 2017 on Tuesday 18 th April, the property market has been left broadly unshaken . But this could change.

The stakes are high for investors, given America’s trade dispute with China, a ballooning federal deficit. September to discuss the coming midterm elections-specifically, what various outcomes.

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