The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is a relative rather than an absolute concept and there is no unique way of measuring housing affordability. A commonly used measure is the ratio of median or average house prices to median or average wages or household income.

Housing affordability is continually discussed, debated and a hot topic for headlines. But what is the true story? But what is the true story? Core Logic and the CPA Association gathered together to create this eBook and outline the truth about housing affordability, and busts the easy myths and.

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Even taking into account the fact that affordability can vary – sometimes significantly – across the country based upon the different rates of home price appreciation we’re seeing, that’s a pretty incredible balancing act between interest rates and home prices at the national level.

Housing affordability was a hot button issue at RFi Group’s Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit in February. Opening keynote presenter and KPMG partner Bernard Salt said that Sydney’s high house prices was a feature of its unique characteristics, making the city into a highly-unaffordable.

US Housing Crisis: Affordable housing crisis grows in the US Spatial disparities in housing affordability may influence the labour market, in particular by discouraging people from working in low affordability areas. The issue of housing affordability is of major concern to many NSW households, as part of the broader concern about cost of living pressures.

The 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey has just been released and, once again, it ranks Australia as having one of the most expensive housing markets out of the countries surveyed. This year’s report assesses 406 urban markets in nine countries: Australia.

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Housing ‘affordability’ on The Spectator Australia | With less than three weeks to go until Treasurer Scott Morrison hands down his 2017 Budget, the signs. There is no housing ‘affordability’ crisis. Rather, there are two strands of inner-city thinking that have conveniently intertwined to create a.

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