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Prepared Remarks of Richard Cordray at the NAFCU Annual Conference. We estimate that this covers about 98 percent of credit unions, exempting them from, among other provisions, the periodic statement requirement, the general servicing policies and procedures, and most of the loss mitigation provisions.

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St. Louis Park Magazine (October 31, 2017) – When it comes to getting a mortgage, people often come with a lot of questions. Brad Huegel, mortgage supervisor at SharePoint Credit Union, with locations throughout the metro including one in St. Louis Park, shares some advice about taking the step of securing a home loan.

NAFCU Executive Compensation & Benefits Survey – Initial 2011 Findings (credit union conference Presentation) 1. 1 2011 NAFCU-BFB Survey of Federal Credit UnionExecutive Benefits and Compensation Presented by Jack E. Clark Clark & Chase Research, Inc. June 30, 2011 2.

Noting that ‘there are some key differences between banks and non-banks that we need to address in a responsible way,’ Calabria said that under his leadership, FHFA will work to improve counterparty risk standards at Fannie and Freddie. ‘Our goal is to ensure that originators have the financial.

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Further, as discussed in the preamble to the proposed rule, NCUA has broad authority to require federally-insured credit unions, including corporate credit unions, to prepare and submit financial information and other information as the Board requires. 12 U.S.C. 1761, 1766, 1781, 1782(a)(2), and 1789. Because of the importance of transparency.

Credit unions more than $10 Million in total assets must follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), which requires the Call Report to be prepared in accordance with GAAP. If the credit union has a wholly owned or majority owned (over 50 percent) credit union service organization (CUSO) it must be consolidated for the call report.

community banking. We look forward to hearing the insights of economists, academics, financial regulators and other thought leaders. In an era when banking might be becoming too disconnected from the communities they serve, community banks are an essential source of credit and banking services for families and neighborhoods everywhere.

2012 NAFCU-BFB Survey of Federal Credit Union Executive Benefits and Compensation (Credit Union Conference Presentation Slides) 1. 1 2012 NAFCU-BFB Survey of Federal Credit UnionExecutive Benefits and Compensation Presented by Jack E. Clark Clark & Chase Research, Inc. July 27, 2012