How to Apply for Utunzi Loan

The utunzi loan app which acts as an instant mobile loan app or platform enables users to apply for a loan. The loan ranges from kshs 500 to kshs 100,000. The loan awarded depends on the borrower’s credit score which is automatically calculated by the App and the information provided while you were signing up.

Stawika loan app is one of the most sought after loan apps in Kenya that has been dispensing loans to Kenyans through M-Pesa. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Stawika loan app, how to download the app, how to qualify, apply and repay Stawika loans.

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Many Kenyans would like to apply for loans through their mobile phones because its easy and convenient. Today let’s look at how to apply for an Eazzy Loan( the mobile phone accessible loan) from Equity bank.Kenyans like calling this loan facility ‘equity mobiloan’ which is right, but it’s official name is ‘EAZZY LOAN’.

Utunzi Loan App permits clients to apply for loans ranging from ksh500 to ksh100000.Loan approvals depend on a borrower’s credit rating calculated routinely by using the app even as additionally putting into attention the data provided by the lender when he was applying.

Utunzi loan app allows you to get an instant loan MPESA loan. All you have to do is download the app then complete the easy Utunzi loan application online steps.. Read more. Categories How to Tags Utunzi Loan App, utunzi loan application online Leave a comment.

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See the top 50 most popular finance android mobile apps in Google Play Store in Kenya based on Google Play app ranking.. 19. Utunzi app analytics · Utunzi. Utunzi.. 47. Kenya Loan App Kenya Instant Loan Application app analytics.

Application Form for Loan for Construction of Rural & peri urban homes. Below are the steps for Utunzi loan application online: If your application is approved, the loan amount applied for will be sent to you by the use of the MPESA number you provided during registration.

With a good credit history on is assured of a loan within a few minutes of application and submission of the required about yourself. Kenya as the best country in Africa in use of technology is the best place for this mobile loan apps to thrive.