Financial challenges continue to plague Long Island millennials – nextLI

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Millennials in an Aging Long Island Fewer than a million people were living on Long Island in the years just after World War II. But that population exploded with suburbanization and the Baby Boom (1946-64): between the 1950 and 1960 censuses, while the total US population grew 18.5%, Long Island’s more than doubled (+107%) to 1.97 million.

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The financial challenges millennials encounter could prove to be a dire situation if not addressed. These are 4 of the biggest financial challenges millennials face today. Only 1 out of 5 Millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy.

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Twenty-something Long Island millennials have three stark living choices: Move to New York City or out of state after high school/college, live at home with parents, or take a risk renting in Long.

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More Long Island Millennials Find Themselves Living With Parents. Seven in 10 millennials say they are likely to move to a less expensive region within five years. But many millennials told cbs2 they do not want to move away, and hope that local villages and towns will help make affordable housing a reality.

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