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Thinking about a career change: 5 well-paid jobs that you can get without a college degree If you are thinking about a career change, you may not have the time, the financial resources or even the interest to pursue a college degree and this can lead some people to think that their best choice is to stick to their current career no matter how.

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Plus, you never know where these conversations may lead, and your new friend could become a long-term advisor who helps connect you to a future job. On a related note, once you do land that future real job as a developer-having a dedicated mentor, either formal or informal, to whom you can ask questions can help you integrate into the company.

6 High paying jobs that allow you to work and travel. nmcompany October 3, 2017.. But if you get into travel blogging, it can lead to many press trips, that are either paid or all expenses paid, so that you can see different parts of the world for free.. But when done well, you can make a.

If you’re willing to get shot at-and potentially thrown into a foreign prison-then this job is for you. Aircraft repossessors can earn commissions equal to 6 to 10 percent of the resale.

6. Analyst or Associate. Industry: International Banking and Finance (Citi) Banking is done all around the world, and this involves doing business with people from different cultures and countries globally. negotiating and deal making is just part of the job, and knowing a foreign language can give you an upper hand.

Gone are the days of holding one job in a professional lifetime. Unlike your parents who may have worked at one company for decades, you’re less likely to stick to the same job-or even the same career or industry for the long haul. And the good news is, you don’t have to.

But what if you could work and travel at the same time? That would allow you to see the world, without plunging yourself into debt. For most of us, we can’t do our current jobs while we travel, but there are some jobs that will pay you to travel. If you’ve been thinking about a career change, and you want to travel more, consider the.