To Pool or Not To Pool

TRY NOT TO FALL into the PAINFUL POOL CHALLENGE! **bad idea** Never Drain Your Pool. If you drain the pool without vacuuming the liner in place then the liner will shift, stretch and potentially even rip. A vinyl liner pool should have at minimum 6" to 12" of water in the shallow end at all times. Less than this amount will most likely end up costing you a new liner.

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So far, the pool has been drained twice, once to put a subpump under that liner to control ground water and once this summer (down to 1/3 full) to beat algae. So far, we’ve had no problems except for ground water getting around the lights causing them to malfunction. I will admit, I probably would not buy a home with an above ground as an inground.

There should not be any metals present in your swimming pool water. Metals can cause staining in the pool and cause the pool to turn colors. The most common types of metals that appear in pool water are copper, iron, and manganese. If metals are present in the pool, a stain and scale remover should be used on a regular basis to prevent staining.

To Pool or Not To Pool Written By: Seth Tilton, ERA evergreen real estate thursday, July 11, 2019 A pool can be an expensive, luxury item rather than a necessity. The cost of a pool, between the routine upkeep/maintenance, repair costs, and the direct effect it will have on your homersquo;s energy bills, are all reasons that deter buyers from.

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Has your pool water turned cloudy, or are you worried it’s about to? Then it’s time to clean out that pool filter!Though the job may seem daunting at first, with care and attention, your pool filter can last for years; all it requires is a few minutes every few weeks and a little bit of know-how.

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It’s not what you think According to the CDC report, when you smell a heavy scent of chlorine, its actually the more dangerous ammonia product called chloramine. A high chloramine content in the pool indicates a pool that is contaminated with sweat, blood, feces, urine, sunscreen, oil, dirt, spit, and a variety of other nasty contaminants.