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In this dissertation I have tried to include the voi ces of the many women that I interviewed. As much as possible, I have tried to be true to th eir original thoughts a nd words while still maintaining their privacy. Much of what I present is taken fr om tape-recorded interviews that I did my best to transc ribe verbatim.

Did you actually try your best or did you just do enough? If you "did your best," you will hit the goals you’re looking for. In my 27 years with Chick-fil-A, one of the things that I used to hear the most was, "I tried my best," followed by the words we dread as leaders, "and I did not get it done."

i did my best. kela: tm | bugn. ingilizce "elimden geleni yaptim." dane cook ile hayatimiza girmis, hatta kazinmis bir cumle. vicious circle show’unda, "aglamak" temali bolumunde yer alan bu mantra artik ne zaman aglasam aklima geliyor, bohuhuh diye bogururken arada "i did my.

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I Did My Best. Holed up in the dressing room without a dress. Kneeling at the confessional with nothing to confess. And I knew all about my surprise party. Yes I did my best. Stop the truck at the truck stop, I need something to help me crash. Food stamps, checks and credits cards, but they only.

Jessie Lyons – I Did My Best. from MTEC Compilation 2014 by MTEC.

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"For the record, I am proud to serve my nation with the best of intention and ensuring the recovery of more than 22 local government councils from Boko Haram terrorists. "Because of the pride on how we tackled terrorism and defeated Boko Haram terrorists through our gallant troops and partners in the.

I always do my homework and submit my courseworks on time.Revision whenever there’s a test. Here’s my results which I think are great but ,somehow Tell him you tried your best, that they’re excellent results, that you won’t have him putting you down. Then he will realise that what he did was wrong.