55+ Community Advice – Don’t Go It Alone When Building a New Home –

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55+ Senior Living Community. The concept of 55+ senior living community is simple: people 55 or older live in a planned community with a variety of amenities that cater to the senior resident. These residents usually live an active and healthy lifestyle so the amenities are geared toward that.

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If I understand your question, whether you can live alone in a 55+ community under age 55 depends on the individual housing community’s policies and its current mix of residents. As noted in the article, to qualify as a 55+ community, at least 80 percent of the units must have at least one resident over 55.

Yes, you can buy in a 55+ community if you are not 55 years old. That doesn’t mean you can live there though. If you are buying as an investment, and future retirement home, this could be a great situation as seniors are usually pretty responsible tenants.

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Can you buy in over 55 community? Asked by newhomeowner84, 92563 Sun May 27, 2012. We just purchased a single family home and found out it is part of a 55 community. There was never any mention of this during the process of purchasing the home and we do not pay any HOA fees.

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11/17/2014 8:25 PM Robert, You are asking about the Housing For older persons act, or HOPA (for short). Per that act, a community that is a senior community, may have up to 20% of the homes/units that do not have at least one individual who is 55 or older.

55+ Community Advice – Don’t Go It Alone When Building a New home posted june 8, 2019 June 17, 2019 2ipa70 This is the second in a series chronicling our move into a 55+ community.

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